About Us

www.garbagebolt.com is a national website designed to make the search for garbage services fast, easy, and cost effective for all customers seeking services. The technology behind GarbageBolt.com is very powerful in that it first identifies a service address, and then provides the customer with options based on that address. Similar to website services that book hotels and flights, our goal is to provide our customers with a quick way to sign up for garbage services with excellent pre-negotiated rates.
We also offer our customers a call center to answer questions they may have during the signup process.

Who is GarbageBolt?
The GarbageBolt hauler negotiation team started in 2008 as a hauler. We were really good at it! So good, in fact, we accumulated 10’s of thousands of customers in a very short period. We were one of Minnesota’s fastest growing companies for many years in a row, even reaching #71 in Inc 500’s Fastest Growing Companies list. To earn those customers, we had to be trustworthy, and really good at sales and customer service. Our goal: provide the customer with a great experience at a great price.
And that caught attention of a bigger fish. So, our customer routes were acquired. We are no longer a hauler.
But our passionate team are so good at what they do! So, here we are as GarbageBolt.com, using our expertise to negotiate the very best rates for you so you don’t have to, and make shopping for trash, well, not stink quite as much. Our revolutionary (in this industry) automated quote system allows you view your best available price quote and sign up for service, all online! Our goal is to continue our tradition of delighting our customers and provide unbeatable value.
We’re exceptionally proud of our past. And even more excited for our future!

Executive Team:
K. Ryan Hasse: Chief Executive Officer
Ryan has lead several technology companies from capital raise/startup to revenue to sale. His vision and management style seeks to create harmony between a quality customer experience, happy employees, and sustainable business practices. Ryan has had several business consulting engagements across a multitude of industries, both private and non-profit. His entrepreneurial insight and deep experience continue to shape and direct our business.

G. Wayne Molck: Chief Financial Officer
Wayne came to SalesStryke as an extremely qualified executive with excellent experience in several industries. He is a retired CPA with strong skills in financial and banking. He was an Audit Manager for Arthur Anderson, and was responsible for conducting audit and consulting engagements. Wayne brings invaluable experience relative to our own growth and stability, as well as our customers for whom he consults.

Martin Euerle: Chief Technology Officer
Martin brings remarkable breadth and depth to the CTO/CIO role from years of development and management across a wide range of industries. He has extensive knowledge of how to create and lead effective teams both on and offshore. Martin has a keen understanding of how to match a company’s technology to business strategy while focusing on customer needs.

Andrew Sorenson: Co-Founder, Board Member
Andy has the magic touch. As a founding member and past owner of several highly successful businesses, Andy’s contributions to SalesStryke as a member of our Board of Directors is key. His experience in starting, operating, and then selling GarbageMan, Inc. in just 9 years helped set up SalesStryke as a premier and proven sales solution in the the garbage hauling industry.